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Vivian’s Biodata

Radio Prog.

My Fm 1pm – 4pm (Mon – Fri)
MY FM DJ Vivian卓卉勤,
一位在大马广播界纵横超过20年的资深广播人。爽朗的笑声、有话直说、性格干脆利落,是她给听众的印象。Vivian也是1998年MY FM成立至今劳苦功高的开台始祖之一,目前主持每逢周一至周五下午1时至4时的《MY FM勤意咖啡馆》、每逢周日晚上9时至11时的《MY FM 音乐勤缘~当年情》以及周日晚上11时至凌晨12时的《MY FM 音乐勤缘 ~一路上有你》。
除此之外,Vivian也参与所有MY Astro 的贺岁专辑, 其中包括《快乐到鼠大团圆》、《牛转乾坤庆团圆》、《舞虎扬威大日子》以及《天天好天好福气》。同时,她也是本地首部贺岁电影,《大日子 woohoo!》以及今年叫好又叫座的《天天好天》贺岁片的主要演员之一。在此之前,Vivian也曾于1998年主演新加坡电影《钱不够用》、而近期即将登场的还有香港电影《笑咏春》紧接着还有《老友鬼鬼》等等。

MY FM DJ Vivian Zhuo Hui Qin,
One aspect of radio announcer in Malaysia radio industry for more than 20 years. Hearty laughter personality, she impressed the audience every moment while hosting. Vivian join MYFM since 1998, currently presided over every Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm in the “MY FM Vivian’s cafe” Sundays at 9 pm to 12 mn The “MY FM Vivian’s Choice of music”
In addition to host a radio show, Vivian is also involved in television circles, presided over by acclaimed television programs, including the early 《RIM Chart show》, 《Whins of furtune》 《Private Chat with Men’s Friends》,” and the recent 《Astro Veterans Talent quest》《Ladies Sdn Bhd》and numerous music awards ceremony, event and so on. Vivian loves writing,her first book
launched in 2006 “Broadcasting spirit” to share her years in the work and life bit by bit.

In addition, Vivian is also involved in all of MY Astro Chinese New Year album, including year of mouse 2008 Ox 2009 Tiger 2010 Rabit 2011. At the same time, she is a local first Lunar New Year film, “tiger woohoo!” (4.2 million)And year 2011 the hugely popular “Great day,”(6.5 Million) the main actors of the New Year Movie. Prior to this, Vivian also starred in 1998 in Singapore movie “Money No Enough”, and also the local and Hong Kong Film  “Laughter Wing Chun.” year 2011.
An international professional qualification Vivian Hypnotherapy is also very focused interaction with the audience, often through radio programs, books and other social networking sites and face the audience to share positive thinking, constantly encouraging and counseling the audience in order to serve the public, take the community, with the community concept.

No.1 Chinese Radio Station in Malaysia (AC Nelson Radio Dairy survey 2000-2010 sweep2)


1999 S’pore Money no Enough《钱不够用》

2010 Malaysia Tiger Woohoo《大日子舞虎》

2011 Jan 13 Malaysia Great Day天天好天 (Coming next)


2011 《老友鬼鬼》

TV programmes

Music Express飞跃音乐线 (TV3)
RIM Chart Show (TV2 / Astro)
Winds of Fortune皇牌对对碰 (Astro)
MY AEC Music Station
Astro VTQ
Astro 残酷一叮 Min To Fame Malaysia
NTV7 男人私房话 men’s talk 2006
Astro CNY好运365 guest
Astro 样样轰到底 guest
WaTV 大马美食
WaTV 大马站脚斗士

Astro Ladies Sdn Bhd 唔止一个嘘(with ChuiLing n Lynn)
Astro situation comedy 《ah Beng 2010》

MY astro Chinese New Year Albums(CNY album Top Sales in Malaysia since 2008)

2008 快乐到鼠大团圆

2009 牛转乾坤庆团圆2010 舞虎扬威大日子Woohoo

Voice sample This_Is_A_Recruitment_Ad Kedah


2009 龙玺华文广告奖LongXi Awards 09
Audio : Boy_Friend口臭

Malaysian Kancil Awards 2008

Leaf Fresh Herbal Oral Gum care
-What do you sell?
2008  Kancil Awards 2008
-Bronze (Chinese Campaign),
Title: “Boy Friend/ Mini Skirt/ Singing Contest”
-Merit (Chinese Single), Title: “Boy Friend”
-Merit (Copywriting in Chinese), Title: “Boy Friend”
-Merit (Copywriting in Chinese), Title:  “What Do U Sell?”

15th  Times International Chinese Advertising Awards-

Finalist, Title: “What Do  YouSell?” Audio : What_Do_You_Sell

2007 Kancil Awards 2007

-Bronze (Chinese Single), Title: “Listen”
-Bronze ( Copywriting in Chinese), Title: “Listen”

The Air Awards 2005

食品类佳作奖 产品:家庭牌香米 题目:《好烦》
食品类铜奖 产品:白鸽牌罐头食品 题目:《黑白电视篇》Audio :》黑白电视 Chiap_Heng_Ching
最佳文案:铜奖 产品:家庭牌香米 题目:《好烦》
最佳文案:铜奖 产品:白鸽牌罐头食品 题目:《黑白电视篇》

MC2 Awards 2005

最佳文案:铜奖 产品:白鸽牌罐头食品 题目:《黑白电视篇》

2003 龙玺华文广告奖

Long Xi International Chinese Advertising Awards,

Special Merit, 佳作

Domestic Violence Public Service Message家庭暴力公益广告

Title: “ Interuption” 《干扰篇》Audio : interuption家庭暴力

2002 New York Festivals, Finalist,

AIDS Public Service Message

Title: “Mosquito” 《蚊子》Audio:  CSA 蚊子-Aids

2001 Long Xi International Chinese Advertising Awards,


Special Merit, 佳作

Anti-piracy Public Service Message反盗版公益广告

Title: “ Attendance” 《到。盗。道》Audio: CSA 到 盗 道

00/01 Kancil Award, Bronze ,

AIDS Public Service Message

Title: “Mosquito” 《蚊子》

99/00 Kancil Award, Special Merit,

Anti-piracy Public Service Message

Title: “ Attendance” 《到。盗。道》

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